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aioprometheus is a Prometheus Python client library for asyncio-based applications. It provides metrics collection and serving capabilities for use with Prometheus and compatible monitoring systems. It supports exporting metrics into text and binary formats and pushing metrics to a gateway.

aioprometheus can be used in applications built with FastAPI/Starlette, Quart, aiohttp as well as networking apps built upon asyncio.

See the User Guide for information about how to install and use this package.


aioprometheus is released under the MIT license. It is based upon the (now deprecated) prometheus python package which was released under the MIT license. A copy of the original MIT license from the prometheus-python project is included as instructed by the original license.


aioprometheus originates from the (now deprecated) prometheus python package. Many thanks to slok for developing prometheus-python.

The original work has been modified and updated it to meet the needs of asyncio applications by adding the histogram metric, binary format support, docs, decorators, ASGI middleware, etc.